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There are so many fashion magazines out there, but OE from Berlin is really special and a must have for all those who are obsessed with print. It's a publication that you just want to own because it is so amazingly made, informative and decorative at the same time. The whole magazines focuses on images. There is rarely any text, which gives you the feeling of a picture book. Each issue has a different design and topic, but is always about the current trends in the German fashion scene. What is really unique about OE, is that the paper varies for every spread. If you look at each story closely, you will realise how beautifully the paper matches the story and brings out the most of the photographs.

The bright young hopefuls issue is about the next generation and how OE features newcomers and young designers.


+ very special paper for every spread
+ amazing feel
+ thread-stitching
+ 3D laque finishing
+ from: Berlin / Germany
+ content: english
+ a lot of pages